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Training for a Marathon

The rate of childhood and adult obesity has already reached a very alarming rate in the United States, and is currently responsible for a wide range of cases of heart

Good Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining the appearance of the lawn found around any house is not a difficult task, but it does require time and effort. However, given that poorly maintained lawn

Designing an Outdoor Space

As many homeowners in the United States will certainly agree, purchasing a real-estate property with a large yard comes with several advantages, typically not offered

Remodeling Your Home on a Budget

Remodeling your home on a budget is not too difficult, as long as you get into the right mindset and attitude! There are lots of little ways to make your home feel

Finding a General Contractor

Whether you are interested in a weekly lawn cutting and edging, an annual re-painting of the fence, or a complete re-do of the kitchen, you are most likely going to

Architectural Salvage

There is a popular saying that things "just aren't made like they used to be" and people are applying that saying to their homes. In some countries around the world,