What is Car Detailing?

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing refers to thoroughly cleaning and protecting an automobile. There are different kinds of auto detailing. Extensive cleaning of the interior of the car is interior car detailing. Just as you would expect, exterior cleaning of the car is exterior car detailing. There is a difference between just cleaning your car and detailing it. You will need specialized tools in order to correctly clean, polish, and wax to give it a proper detailing. Exterior detailing can also involve repairing minor dents and chips in the paint but does not need to. An effective detailing should leave your car looking as beautiful as it was on the day it left the lot. By paying meticulous care and attention to your car, you are removing the scratches and other markings that detract from its appearance.

The value of interior car detailing is to make your ride more comfortable and accommodating. This will involve vacuuming up any loose debris such as crumbs or dirt. You will also need to remove any trash or clutter that has accumulated in your car. Once you have all of the easy to remove garbage out of the way you will begin to wash your dashboard and seats while polishing your windows and any other glass planes. Next you will need to shampoo your upholstery to get any stains that have built up. There is generally a lot of sun damage to the interior of the car as well and this will require special products to treat so that they can be repaired. Unsurprisingly, due to the attention to detail necessary for interior detailing, it is a time intensive process.

Depending on your level of involvement your results will vary. If you are not careful and extremely thorough with your detailing job you will be left with scratch marks, blemishes, and other generally unpleasant things. If you cannot be bothered to acquire the proper tools and products necessary to do a full detailing job then you may wish to defer to a professional who will do a proper job. Given the level of involvement and difficulty, a full detailing job is generally not cheap. There is a great deal of value gained from restoring and protecting your automobile from future damage though. Not only will this make your car more appealing but it will even make driving it more comfortable and pleasant. Car detailing is a luxury well worthwhile.

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