Restoring the Interior of Your Car

Restoring the Interior of Your Car

Restoring the interior of your car will usually take a lot of work and time on your part. Depending on where the car has been stored and what kind of care and life it has endured, it may be a harder job than others. If the interior of your car is upholstery and its been left sitting in the sun day in and day out for years, then you are going to have a wonderful time bringing the material back to life and repairing the damage. On the other end of a spectrum, if a car has been kept in a cool garage and cigarettes and drinks have been kept away from it, then it may only take a light dusting, polish, and a glass shining in order to bring out its true beauty.

The first step towards recovery is to identify the damage. Find every little problem that the interior of your car has and list it down. You will need to know what is wrong in order to properly determine which issues to tackle first. If you have a messy interior then you will want to begin clearing out your car before doing anything else. Old cans, bottles of coffee, half eaten lunches, receipts, and general litter will get in the way of everything else so grab a trash bag and get rid of them. Next you will want to dust off everything and properly wash and shampoo your carpets and seats. This will pull out any stains that will otherwise be difficult to get out. If you have leather seats then you will need to be patient so that the scrubbing can loosen the dirt that is encrusted on it so that a second washing will get everything out. Once you have the easy part done, if you have leather seats then you will need to get the proper chemicals to treat and protect them. If you have upholstery then you will have to go through a similar process but with different chemicals.

After that you can move onto your dashboard and windows. Cleaning windows is easy so it makes for an excellent way to wind down from the hectic scrubbing of everything else in your car. You will end up spending a lot of time properly cleaning the interior of your car so be ready to spend more than just one afternoon on it. You may end up needing to redo the cleaning process at least once more to be as thorough as possible.

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