Remodeling Your Home on a Budget
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Remodeling Your Home on a Budget

Remodeling your home on a budget is not too difficult, as long as you get into the right mindset and attitude! There are lots of little ways to make your home feel more comfortable and more suited to your taste without sending your pocketbook into cardiac arrest. Many people think that they need to hire a decorator or follow the guidelines and prices set by Better Homes and Gardens, but remember that decorators and home magazines are meant to set examples and are not there to stress you out. Here are some fun and easy tips to help you and your home feel better.

First of all, set a budget for each room. How many total rooms are you interested in remodeling? Are you thinking about the entire downstairs, or just your guest bedroom? Take the grand total amount of money that you want to put toward remodel and then divide it among each room. It does not have to be equal, as typically the bathroom would get less of a budget than a bedroom, but make sure that it is reasonable too. It is hard to remodel your garage or master bedroom for only fifty dollars. [PARAGRAPH] Now, take your budget for a particular room and go into the room. What about the bathroom do you dislike? What are you really interested in changing? What will remain? Make a list of things that are considered to be "keeps" and others that can possibly be "sold" and then finally, the items that will be "donated." On a separate piece of paper, you should work with the items that are keeps and the items that you want. How will they work together? This brainstorming exercise should bring out an overall theme that you want for your room and it should help narrow down what you are truly looking to buy when you go shopping. You might be surprised to find that you have some of the items already in different rooms and that will cut down on the cost!

When it is time to go shopping, start at your local Goodwill or thrift stores first! Do not discard an item because it has previously been used. Often times you will find the perfect hidden treasure for the fraction of the cost. Goodwill and small boutiques should be your shopping pleasures, and if you are looking for cheaper paint, check out the "rejects" in Home Depot or Lowe's. You can find seriously discounted paint and it may be perfect for that country theme in your kitchen. Remember to work with what you have at home and when you buy an item make sure that you are in love both the price tag and the item!

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