Newest Bike Tech

Newest Bike Tech

When you look at the bicycle, an invention that has remained relatively unchanged since its invention nearly two centuries ago, it is hard to believe that it has hardly changed at all since the first bicycles were produced. However, recently, bicycles have been changing in some very big ways that make them safer, easier to maintain and faster. The newest bike tech has changed bicycles in three main ways: first, some are beginning to be produced without chains, bike GPS are being introduced to help riders navigate and keep track of how far they have traveled, and even the materials bikes are made of are changing to make them lighter and quicker.

First, chainless technology is beginning to appear in bicycles. Without chains, bicycles can go very far and riders do not need to worry about cleaning the chains and making sure that they do not get caught. This chainless technology combines a shaft drive and an internal gear hub to make a bicycle that is easier to drive and maintain. Having no chain has other benefits as well. It also allows a rider to turn more easily and change speeds easily. The internal hub that chainless technology uses is sealed, requiring very little maintenance compared to traditional chains.

Bike GPS are also changing the way that people ride their bicycles. These GPS, at first only put in the dashboards of cars, are reaching bicycles in ways that are tailored for them. They help riders keep track of where they are, how far they have traveled, and how many calories they have burned in the process. Bike GPS are meant to be battery efficient as there is obviously nothing that they can be plugged into, and are just as useful a travel companion as an automobile GPS.

Finally, material changes are another exciting piece of new bike tech. Bikes are now being made out of titanium alloys, which are much faster than the old materials. Aerodynamic tires are also becoming cheaper and a lot more common as well.

Some things seem to always stay the same, but while appearances may deceive, the bicycle is not one of them. The bicycle has been constantly changing since its invention, and the newest bike technologies of chainless drives, GPS units, and new materials are leading to new bikes that are lighter, low maintenance and that will empower the next generation of bicycle users.

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