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Internet Coupon Groups

Saving a few cents on tinned tomatoes, for many, can mean the difference between having enough money later for the electric bill and brushing their teeth in the dark. For others it's simply about making a dollar stretch further. Then there are the few who love the challenge that Extreme Couponing offers them. Regardless, all of these individuals can benefit from internet coupon groups.

Internet coupon groups, such as, are almost like social networks. They allow their users to access coupons for local businesses. Word about the coupons spread and the businesses prosper while the customers get goods or services for a much smaller price. For example, Tom Good might own Tom's Pizza Palace in Manchester. He can go on Groupon, agree to pay a fee, then offer his pepperoni pizzas at half-price for a certain amount of time. Local Groupon users see this offer and tell their friends about it. Soon the restaurant is swarming with new customers as well as the regular crowd. Tom's business flourishes and the customers save some money as they enjoy the pepperoni pizzas.

Other internet groups might be comprised of users who search for and upload sales papers of businesses in their areas. For example, Sarah Tipoff lives in Bolton and every week she uploads the sales paper for Sammy's Supermarket. Dave Consumer, who also lives in Bolton, might log on to their coupon group website and see that sales paper. He could notice that Sammy's Supermarket has chicken leg quarters on sale for thirty percent less than the competitors. If David likes chicken leg quarters or knows someone who does, he will of course go to Sammy's and stock up on the poultry products.

One other type of internet group is made up of members who want to actually buy coupons in bulk. These people are the Extreme Couponers. They know how to match up a coupon with a sale and get products for next to nothing. For example, Allan Dealmaker might go on to one website and find that Clyde Dale is offering a stack of twenty coupons for two dollars. The coupons are for Petrillo Pasta Packs, buy one-get one free. Essentially, this makes Petrillo Pasta Packs half-off. Allan pairs it with Sammy's Supermarket's most recent sale offer: one dollar off certain types of Petrillo Pasta Packs, which are normally four dollars each. The price is already dropped to three dollars per unit, then with the coupon the price drops down to one dollar and fifty cents. Allan has saved two dollars and forty cents per package, since he paid ten cents per coupon.

There are also internet coupon groups that exist purely for companies to post coupon codes for their online shops. However, rather than offer ten percent off an entire purchase, the coupons are usually for one certain item. For example, Shirley's Shirt Emporium might have a novelty t-shirt that isn't selling well, so the company will post a coupon for that shirt only. If that's the type of shirt certain people like or they just want something new to wear, they can use that coupon code during the online checkout and save some money.

To find internet coupon groups, you can search the internet and sign up for many different web groups. Watch them carefully and sign up for alerts or newsletters to stay informed. Also, share the good fortune and upload information whenever you can, be it a sales paper or special coupon.

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