Causes of Diabetes

Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease caused by high levels of glucose in an individual's blood. Diabetes is more common for people over forty-five, who are overweight and do not have regular physical activities, and those that with a family history of having the disease. The causes of diabetes are more complicated than the list of who is most at risk. For example, even though the disease is common in people over forty, children can get become diagnosed with diabetes. There are multiple types of diabetes, but the two most common are Type 1 and Type 2. Each type affects the body differently and shows different symptoms.

Type 1 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in young people. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system attacking the body's own insulin-producing cells. This leaves the individual with very low amounts of insulin in the body. This is dangerous because insulin is used to lower the amount of glucose found in the body's bloodstream. Glucose needs to be able to reach the cell so the body can have energy. Having little insulin prevents glucose form reaching cells, leaving the body without much energy. There are no concrete evidence of what causes Type 1 diabetes, but it is often considered an autoimmune disease.

Type 2 diabetes is different from Type 1 in that the immune system does not attack insulin-producing cells. Rather, people with Type 2 diabetes have a problem with how the body creates and uses insulin. This diabetes causes difficulties for the liver and fat to send glucose to respective cells. As a result, the body will not have enough energy. The difficulties of creating insulin create additional problems in maintaining adequate energy levels. Causes for Type 2 diabetes have been linked to diets that are high in sugar content and those who have accrued extra weight. Type 2 is a prolonged disease that can be avoided with proper diet and regular exercise.

There are many types of diabetes, but the two most common are Type 1 and Type 2. These two types are similar in that they make it difficult for the body to use insulin. In Type 1 the body has difficulties making insulin because the immune system mistakenly attacks insulin-producing cells. In Type 2 diabetes the body's organs have difficulties sending insulin to cells that make energy. Both Type 1 and Type 2 causes high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. As a result the body becomes depleted in energy.

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