Have you tried a remote car starter? There are two types of people: the sun worshippers, who long for the sweltering beach days, and the winter warriors, who cannot stand the heat and cherish those cold winter nights. Regardless of your type, both can agree on the hatred for driving in either extreme. There is nothing worse than entering a sauna of a car during the middle of summer and burning your skin on the metal seatbelt hardware. Equally as bad is the hours shivering in your car, waiting for the heat to kick in. Alas, there is an affordable solution: the remote car starter. Imagine life without these extremes where you can remotely start your car in advance to crank up the A/C or heat. Keep reading to learn more about different systems that could be the solution to your sweltering days or shivering nights.

Priced at under $70, the Avital 4103LX Remote Car Starter system has numerous high-tech developments that put the competition to shame. Two remotes come with the unit and both possess AUX outputs with a boosted range since they are combined with a Superhet receiver. Additional features include lock and unlock, trunk release, and remote start. The system also features an anti-grind relay that secures the system by preventing the starting up of your vehicle if the ignition key is switched to the start position during a remote start. The Avital Remote Car Stater system is compatible with numerous models of the same vehicle and comes with a full manufacturer warranty. The Virtual Tach converter, which samples the vehicle's voltage, bypasses the tachometer wire connector requirement. This is a handy tool for use if you are installing the system.

With a company name like Crimestopper, you know you are in good hands. The Crimestopper RS4-G5 1-Way Remote Car Starter aims at providing you with flexibility. The system is a multi-operational unit that allows two different vehicles to be controlled using a single remote (assuming the same system is equipped to both). The flexibility of the system continues with the ability to work on an automatic or manual transmission including gas, hybrid, and diesel engines. At just under $55, this system provides locking and unlocking, starting up, and stopping from up to 2,000 feet. For the lazy days, the remote opens sliding doors and releases the trunk for you. For all the techies out there, the Rockford-Fosgate app allows you to locate your car and remote start your vehicle.

Although a little on the pricier side (around $157), the Directed Electronics 4806P Python Remote Car Starter System is worth it. Featuring a range of up to one mile, gone are the days of entering your car after work to freeze to the seat after walking through the cold parking lot. Directed Electronics makes the security of your vehicle the number one goal and with the six-tone siren, onboard door-lock relays, and a guaranteed protection plan, you can rest assured that they mean it. Each instruction provided from the remote to the vehicle will be followed by horn honks as an audio confirmation. This feature allows you to feel secure that the car will reach a suitable temperature when you arrive. With this advanced system, it is advisable to seek professional assistance with the installation.

There are hundreds of systems on the market, each with different pros and cons, so it is critical to conduct research to find the leading remote car starter system to suit your needs. If you are in the market for a new remote car starter system, start looking today for the best deals!