Pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy Note10! The latest Galaxy smartphone offers improved performance, new features and a superior user experience, and that's because it's so much more than your average smartphone. Rather than being a phone that plays games, the Note10 is like a gaming console and computer in the palm of your hand. Edit photos and videos with top-of-the-line editing programs. Take photos with a professional quality camera as you've never seen in a smartphone before. With the improved S Pen, you'll have full control of your device right at your fingertips. Right now, you can find excellent pre-order deals on the Note10 online. Read on to learn more about the Note10 and deals going on now.

The new Note 10 features an array of upgrades that make it the best Galaxy model to-date. With a 7nm processor and 8GBof RAM, the basic model delivers outstanding performance. Ram is upgraded to 12GB with Note10+ models. Get 2.0Gbps LTE connection on the Galaxy Note10 or get a HyperFast 5G chip built-in the Note 10+ 5G. Offering massive internal storage on the caliber of a laptop, the Note10 offers 256GB while the Note10+ offers up to 512GB. Add a MicroSD and you can get up to 1TB of storage space. The Note10 also features a dynamic AMOLED screen that measures 6.3 inches or 6.8 inches with the Note10+ bringing, your photos, videos and games to life with vivid colors and beautiful clarity. With Super Fast Charging 2.0 tech, you can get hours of usage from just a half-hour charge, with or without a wire. The new S Pen gives you remote power for writing, taking pictures, navigating presentations, browsing the web and so much more. It takes just six minutes to charge while giving you up to 10 hours of use.

Of course, you couldn't talk about any new smartphone without talking about the camera specs too. The new Note10 features a 10MP front camera for clear, high-resolution selfies. Whereas normally the camera is located to the side, the new front camera is centered to allow for more natural eye contact. It also allows for low-light shots thanks to Night Mode. The back of the phone feature three rear-facing cameras including a 16MP ultra-wide camera, a 12MP wide-angle camera and 12MP telephoto camera for taking all sorts of professional shots. The DepthVision camera, available only on Note10+ models, uses AR intelligence to give instant measurements of objects. Shoot videos in 4K and use the zoom-in mic to record specific sounds.

If you are interested in purchasing the Note10, now is the time. Samsung is offering the Note10 with up to $150 in credit and six months of Spotify Premium, giving you access to unlimited music. The Note10 is available for just $949 on all major carriers or unlocked. When purchased with Verizon service, you'll get up to $950 in credit for a second Note10. The Note10+ is available for just $1099.99 or $1199.99 for the 512GB model, unlocked or with a major carrier. The 5G model starts at $1299.99. Orders come with free shipping. Additionally, if you have an older phone to trade-in, you can get up to $450 to use towards your purchase of any Note10 model.

Other retailers are also offering terrific deals on Note10 pre-orders. Best Buy, for instance, lets you save up to $700 on a Note10 pre-order with activation from Verizon, Sprint or AT&T plus you can trade-in your old phone. You can also take advantage of BOGO offers from Verizon and AT&T. Sprint offers 50% off the Note10 when you purchase a new line. Purchase an unlocked phone and you can get $600 in Best Buy gift cards. Phone orders from Best Buy are also eligible for the six months of Spotify and $150 Samsung credit.

When purchasing a Note10 from mobile carriers like Verizon or AT&T, you can get many of these same deals while also having the option to purchase your phone in 24 monthly payments as low as $39.58 per month or $31.67 for 30 months. Like Verizon, AT&T offers a BOGO deal on the Note10, along with a $150 reward card. Money for the second phone is credited back to you through your monthly bill. Some Sprint customers may be interested in the Sprint Flex 18-month lease plan for $26 per month that allows you to buy, return, upgrade your phone to a newer model after the lease ends. Check out these deals and more. Pre-order your Galaxy Note10 smartphone today.