No woman wants to deal with their menstrual cycle, but unfortunately, it's just a part of life. Using feminine hygiene products is generally a must for women on their period, but luckily women do have a choice what of what they put in or on their body. There are hundreds of feminine hygiene products out there, but what's in them? It isn't always apparent unless you choose organic nontoxic feminine hygiene products without all the harmful additives and dyes that plague most options. By purchasing organic tampons, pads and wipes, you can minimize your exposure to chemicals and materials that can be hazardous to your health. If you are looking for quality organic nontoxic feminine hygiene products to get you through your next period, read on to learn about the best options on the market.

Tampons are the go-to option for many women but most traditional options are bad for the environment and for your health - especially if you have sensitive skin. For an affordable organic option, Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons are a great option. They are made from certified organic cotton and feature BPA-free applicators. They are also hypoallergenic. Get a pack for just $6.21 on Amazon. Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons feature a plant-based applicator and 100% organic cotton for $4.99 on Amazon. Natracare 2000 Organic All Cotton Tampons ($35.93) feature no applicator and are free of dyes, chlorine, and rayon. For heavier flows, the Cora Organic Cotton Tampons are super-absorbent and made of 100% organic cotton. While boxes of 18 tampons are $15.99 each, as an added incentive, each box purchased is matched with a one-month donation of feminine hygiene products to young girls in need.

For women who prefer not to put anything in their body, sanitary pads are the next best option. The La Vie Organic Cotton Top Sheet Feminine Pads, available on Amazon for $23.99 come in a pack of 64. While the entirety of the pad is not organic cotton, the part that touches your skin is. These are your best bet if you are looking for something more economical. However, if you want something entirely organic, the Ultra Thin Menstrual Pads from RAEL are 100% organic, use non-GMO cotton, and are chlorine-free and fragrance free, so they won't irritate sensitive skin. Get a pack of 28 for $12.99. Lola pads, made of 100% organic cotton, feature no synthetic fibers or harmful chemicals. They can be purchased through the LOLA website via subscription service for $9 per month. Other great organic pads include Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Pads ($10.49) and The Honest Company Ultra Thin Pads ($5.99) -both available at Amazon.

To feel good, smell good and stay healthy, feminine wipes are another must-have product for many women. Feminine wipes can prevent infection and other health concerns. ORGANYC 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Hygiene Wipes are available in 20-count packages. Wipes are made of biodegradable and compostable organic cotton, making them terrific for the environment. They are ideal for women with sensitive skin. Get a six-pack of these wipes for less than $20 on Amazon or purchase a single package for less than $3. Rael Organic Cotton Feminine Wipes are made from 100% purified water and OCS certified organic cotton. With no harmful chemicals, GMOs or irritating fragrances, you can stay clean and healthy using these all-natural wipes available for less than $4 on Rael. Natracare Organic Intimate Wipes area fragranced option with chamomile, calendula and French rose essential oils and natural extracts. Wipes are 100% cotton and biodegradable. Get them at for just $3.75