Post smartphone, the watch has been elevated from a necessity for the busy professional to an accessory capable of conveying status, aspirations and style. As more watches embrace aesthetics while retaining a focus on function, design is ticked up a notch. The modern watch is still reliable, but it is first and foremost a statement piece. Whether it has vintage lines and a decidedly retro feel to convey its new station or is sleek, futuristic and digital to keep pace with the changing times, a wristwatch is a luxury item now more than ever. The most mind-blowing modern watches are masterpieces of mechanics and electronics. Luckily for the consumer, there is a classy watch option for almost every budget.

Starting at the high-end, nothing screams sophistication and craftsmanship like the French luxury good manufacturer Hermes. Hermes bags and scarves are the items of legend. Couple that power with the wizardry of the Apple Watch, and you have a match made in designer heaven. For Series 5 of the Apple Watch, Hermes and Apple have provided 13 options ranging in price from $1,249 to $1,399. A classic stainless steel Apple Watch Series 5 with a custom Hermes display partners with a double-tour band, or a band that wraps around the wrist two times, and retails for $1,399. Six color options are available ranging from solids to classic rope patterns from the brand. Single-wrap watch bands known as single tours start at $1249 and also feature a stainless steel case.

For the man looking for a mind-blowing watch with modern design, the AX Armani Exchange Men's ATLC Leather Strap Watch at Nordstrom Rack provides a 49mm option for $99.97. An adjustable band makes the watch one size fits most. Instead of numerals, the watch features a face of hash marks denoting minutes and five-minute increments. An AX for the brand name splits the watch down the middle with a vertical stripe behind the A and a flat black behind the X providing a bold contrast. For updated classic styling, the Tufina watch company provides a classic handmade men's German watch for $349 on its website. Despite its old-world charm, the Tufina watch is made decidedly modern through the use of a clear face and back that exposes the inner mechanical workings.

Ladies love Tiffany's, and the Tiffany East West watch for $2,800 is a modern option with a double-wrap leather wrist for the woman who wants to nod to old-school style while having an edge. A classic watch face with a pink backing marries nicely with the light gray leather band to provide an elegant pairing with business and cocktail attire. The more budget-conscious will appreciate the range of tones in the Anne Klein watch line, which offers watches in silver, gold and rose gold. An Anne Klein women's gold-tone watch with blush links retails for $65 at Macy's with a Black Friday 2019 special price of $48.75 with free shipping. The Belk Department store offered a silver Anne Klein Ladies' Bracelet round case watch in a similar $44 sale price range for the holiday. Without a 20% coupon, it retails for $55. Free shipping starts at $49.