The iPhone XR is one of Apple's freshest offerings in their already dynamic catalog of quality phones. The iPhone XR came to market with plenty of hype behind it due to a host of perceived benefits and upgrades. First and foremost, the XR has been consistently lauded by developers and customers alike for having a vibrant range of color body options. The bright, colorful 6.1" LCD screen also won over plenty of new fans. However, as another Apple entry into the mobile world, customers are looking to get the best deals possible before they'll consider bringing home an iPhone XR. Listed below, readers will be able to find three different deals for the iPhone XR in order to help facilitate a more affordable purchase.

Leading the charge in terms of affordable sales for the iPhone XR is Spectrum Mobile. Spectrum Mobile is owned by Charter Communications and they are known for offering affordable carrier deals in comparison to some of the bigger cell phone providers. The Apple iPhone XR is available from Spectrum for two different price options: $31.25 per month for 24 months or for a flat rate of $749.99. Customers looking for the monthly option would do well to pick up one of Spectrum's unlimited data plans in order to take advantage of all that the XR has to offer. The XR features the A12 Bionic smartphone chip which allows for enhanced augmented reality. Augmented Reality games and experiences are currently booming on the iOS store.

For people not interested in making the switch to Spectrum, Verizon has embraced the Apple brand wholeheartedly. Verizon is currently providing access to the iPhone XR through two different sale options, similar to Spectrum. Verizon is offering a $31.25 monthly payment for 24-months at 0% APR for subscribers who choose to carry a phone plan with them. Verizon is also offering a retail price version of the phone for $749.99. Both of these pricing options are for the 64 GB model of the XR with prices jumping accordingly as customers navigate up to 256 GB total. Verizon offers the XR in six different color options to give customers the full range of styles. Additionally, Verizon is offering a hefty discount when buying the latest iPhone. According to Verizon, when customers buy the newest iPhone, they'll get $750 off of a second phone.

Sprint is also getting in on the action with a viable iPhone XR deal that is a little more flexible than the other options. Sprint is starting out users with an 18-month lease for the new iPhone XR at just $31.25 per month. After the 18 months are up, users can either return and upgrade the XR or buy it off with a lump sum payment or a further 6 payment installments. The return-and-upgrade option could be an ideal situation for customers who want to stay on the edge of Apple's annual releases. The full price of the iPhone XR when purchased through Sprint is just $749.99 with an additional activation fee. Sprint is also offering customers the option to add additional lines to their plan for just $25 per month when they opt to buy the iPhone XR outright.