Is it time to change out those worn tires? Hankook is one of the most popular brands and voted in the top ten tires of 2018 and 2019. Hankook all-terrain tires are now one of the most sought out tires on the market. Customers have been raving about these tires and discovering just how they can improve their vehicle's performance. Hankook tires can be found online, in stores, and ordered through catalogue. They range in prices from $116.00 per tire all the way up to $386.00 per tire. Customers have found these tires to be durable, reliable and long-lasting. Get your money's worth out of these awesome all-terrain tires. Read on to learn more.

The top-selling Hankook all-terrain tire is the Hankook Dynapro AT-M RF10 P275/65R18 114T weighing in at 31.8 pounds and 18" rims. The price at Walmart is the cheapest if one decides to purchase online at $173.00. There are 25 different online stores where these tires can be purchased. The highest price is $216.00 if ordered online at Priority Tire Outlet. These tires are designed for the aggressive drivers who like to take their vehicle both off-road and on. They are made for light four-wheel drive vehicles, and they were originally designed for the Ford F-150. Vans and SUV's can also have these tires put on. The steel belts are internally reinforced for sheer toughness. These tires are made to last and handle any terrain with ease and have a symmetrical tread which adds grip to any surface. Stone ejectors have been added to assure the tires remain safe from any damages by stone drilling. The rating for these tires is 4.7 with the majority giving 5 stars.

The second best Hankook tire on the list with 17" rims is the HAN1008676 Hankook Dynapro ATM RF All Terrain Tire - 245/70R17. The price at Priority Tire Outlet comes in at the cheapest at $116.00 per tire comparing to 37 online stores. eBay has the most expensive cost online at $190.38 per tire. These tires are also used for light trucks and vans, and they are premium aggressive. Sport Utility vehicles also use these tires because the sidewall design makes the vehicle seem stylish. These tires were designed mostly for four-wheel drive high powered pickups and the features are made for the best acceleration and grip for on and off the road. These tires rate at 4.7 stars from the public reviews and most gave a five-star rating.

With 20" rims, the Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 LT285/55R-20 is third on the list of the most sought out Hankook tire. These tires are also designed for light four-wheel drive trucks on road and off. They are protected from impacts and cuts with the robust wraparound tread and the block design adds better grip to the road for icy and wet weather. Some of the features are stone ejectors and a rim protector for any curbside damages. This tire also comes in with a 4.7-star rating from the public with 98% approval ratings. Most of the low ratings came from the loud noise the tires make due to the extra grip while rolling.