Has your bedroom vibe felt a bit underwhelming lately? Try silk bedding! With your bedroom being a place to recharge your body, you can forget about a rough day at work and catch up on some sleep on comfortable and luxurious silk sheets. Silk bedding is the top choice for an unearthly smooth texture that feels incredible while reducing friction on your hair and skin, so you are less rumpled in the morning. Although silk bedding feels slinky and cool to the touch, the lightweight fabric retains body heat which is perfect for those who prefer a cooler room without adding layers of blankets. The best silk bedding will add luxury and comfort to your room, but it is quite an investment, so it's important to know what you are getting for your money. Read on to learn about the best silk bedding sets and deals going on now.

Regarding the weave quality, Lilysilk cannot be matched by anyone in the market. Their 19 Momme is the best balance for silk bedding as the sheets are incredibly insulating but the weight is airy and light. Lilysilk bedding makes the bed up to have a beautiful sheen while adding comfort. Bedding sets are available in 14 different hues so they will match with any decor. Lilysilk bedding sets include a duvet cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, bed skirt, and a 2-pc pillowcase. Their top-of-the-line 25 Momme Seamless Luxury bedding set starts at $355 and is made from Mulberry silk. The bedding has a thread count of 750 and is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 internationally certified. The 19 Momme Seamless Silk set has a 400-thread count and starts at $289.

Offering a variety of luxury silk bedding products, Thxsilk bedding sets are made from the finest silk. With the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certification, consumers can be assured that the filling material and fabric does not contain any harmful materials. Also, the natural silk fibers repel dust mites and provide a hypoallergenic quality to eliminate asthma and other allergy-causing materials in the air. Thxsilk is incredibly comfortable, smooth, and soft while maintaining breathable qualities. Their sheets are ideal for the allergy sufferers and those that have difficulty regulating nighttime temperatures. Thxsilk bedding boasts temperature-regulating properties to wick moisture from the body and maintains comfortable body temperature. All sheets are made from the durable and comfortable mulberry silk which is 100% 19 - 25 Momme for the ultimate in luxury. Right now, Thxsilk High End 19 Momme silk sheets are available for as low as $369, a savings of 40%. Matches pillowcases start as little as $9.99 each.

Offering three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece silk bedding sets, Olesilk is constructed from 100% pure mulberry silk to provide the most luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. The most grandiose of all options is the five-piece set which includes a fitted sheet, duvet cover, flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases. Whether you are searching for bedding for a twice size or California King size, Olesilk has you covered. The set will perfectly fit any bed and expect a magical night sleep. Olesilk bedding set is available in a variety of colors to fit any decor. All products are hypoallergenic to eliminate hair and skin irritation, and they are breathable yet absorbent to wick moisture during your slumber. Therefore, Olesilk bedding will feel cool in the summer and maintain insulation in the winter. Olesilk three-piece sets start at $366, while Zippered pillowcases are available for around $20 each. Silk duvet covers are now just $280 versus their usual $330 pricetag.

Blissy is considered to be one of the best-kept secrets of beauty experts, supermodels, hairstylists, and dermatologists from across the globe. Although not offering complete bed sets, Blissy is the pillowcase industry leader with a variety of available colors and sizes. With all pillowcases constructed from 100% pure mulberry silk and 22-momme silk materials, Blissy products help keep your hair shiny and fresh, and your skin undamaged and comfortable during your sleeping hours. Dust mites, irritating particles, and other allergens can say goodbye to your pillow with Blissy pillowcases. Also, these pillowcases provide a noticeably cooler surface temperature which is especially important during the warm summer months. During the winter, Blissy silk retains heat to keep your head warm and cozy throughout the night. Blissy silk pillowcases can be quite pricey at their usual $100 pricetag but for a limited time you can yours for just $79.95. Free shipping is provided with all orders.

If you are in the market to improve your night's sleep, hair, and skin, consider purchasing silk bedding from one of these companies! Their products will significantly improve you're your sleeping habits for a better night's sleep.