Off-roading fans should brace themselves because Ford is bringing back the Bronco. In late 2020, the legendary Ford Bronco will rejoin Ford's fleet of SUVs with the reincarnation boasting a boxy shape with retro-styling. In addition to the quintessential trail-ready equipment, the Bronco will be available with two or four removable doors and a detachable roof so it can compete in the rugged environment with the likes of the Jeep Wrangler but will also be competing directly with the Compass due to its smaller stature. Considering that Bronco fans have waited this long for a Bronco that is as fun and rugged as the original, a relaunch is long overdue. Ford has been taking its time to ensure that this vehicle lives up to the original expectations. Continue reading for more information about the upcoming Ford Bronco.

Although only a small amount of information has been released about the vehicle, it will share an engine platform with the new Ford Ranger pickup truck. While the current Ranger is an American version of the truck that exists elsewhere in the world, it will be redesigned for arrival in 2021. The Bronco and Ranger will feature a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and will likely also be offered in the V6 format. Ford has also confirmed that the Bronco will be available with a hybrid powertrain with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford's technical head, Raj Nair, noted that although the Bronco will be sharing a platform with the Ford Everest (international markets) and the Ford Range in the U.S. and Canada, the 2020 Bronco will be an independent vehicle instead of a rebadged version of these other SUVs.

In addition to the detachable doors and roof, the Bronco's interior is the most unknown aspect to-date. Given that the retro exterior will pull design details from all past generations, it is likely that those same cues will navigate into the interior. It is expected that the Bronco will have a host of modern technology and features including Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and the, now basic, driver-assist systems. The interior will also feature two rows of seating to accommodate five passengers with split-folding rear seating to provide ample cargo and storage space. The specifications of the cargo area have not yet been released to the public but with the positioning of being the SUV variant of the Ford Ranger, it is expected that the cargo area will be accommodating for any task.

As previously mentioned, the Bronco will host a variety of driver-assist systems, most of which are safety features. The most common include, adaptive cruise control, park assist, automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, driver attention monitoring, forward-collision warning, and lane assist. Other safety technologies that may be included in the launch are night vision features, automatic high beams, and a variety of parking sensors to aid the driver in parking maneuvers through ultrasonic transducers. Also, pedestrian detection systems are becoming the norm as is rear cross-traffic alerts, semi-autonomous driving mode, and traffic sign detection which scans the road for posted speed limits and stop signs to present the driver will informational reminders. Some systems can even detect restrictions on passing and various other warnings to further ensure safe driving.

The 2020 Ford Bronco is anticipated to have the Base level, XLT, Limited, Platinum, and Raptor off-road trim level. While the prices of each trim and the associated features are not yet available to the public, the base model is expected to start in the low $30,000 range with each trim level being commensurate with the price of other SUVs in this category. During a shareholder meeting, it was unveiled that the new Bronco will come with a hybrid option since electrification is such a major priority for automakers now. This news was revealed since the Bronco is tied-in to the new Ranger pickup since it is based on the Ranger's platform. Furthermore, there is a discussion of the Baby Bronco known as the Scout which aligns with the Harvester Scout being one of the first models of the Bronco.