Looking to upgrade to a luxury car? Audi is a well-known luxury car brand recently ranked in the top 10 most reliable car brands. Looking to continue to increase the brand's reputation, Audi has redesigned their approach to creating quality luxury vehicles. These beautiful, sporty vehicles have become a favorite over the last few years since that redesign. With a lineup that includes cars, SUVs, hatchbacks, and crossovers, Audi offers something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you are searching for a vehicle for your family, desired road trip, or date night, Audi's 2019 lineup has you covered.

Audi has rolled out 11 new sedans and a sportback for 2019. For those searching for a more elegant, classic look and feel, you can choose between the A3 Sedan starting at $32,500, the A4 starting at $37,400, the A5 Sportback starting at $44,200, the A6 starting at $58,900, the A7 starting at $68,000, and the A8 starting at $83,800, each offering a little more space than the previous. Audi also offers high-performance variations of the A series. These include the S3 Sedan starting at $44,500, the S4 starting at $50,200, and the S5 Sportback starting at $52,400. For a faster ride, you may consider the RS 3 starting at $56,200 or the RS 5 Sportback which starts at $74,200.

Six new SUVs, crossovers, and wagons have been included in the lineup. If you are looking for an all-road vehicle with plenty of space, the A4 Allroad is a good choice for you with prices starting at $ 45,700. For a luxury crossover, there are three options: the Q5 starts at $42,950, the Q7 at $53,550, and the Q8 at $67,400. You also have the option of a higher-performance model of these: the SQ5 starts at $52,400. Lastly, for the environment-friendly among us, coming out in the spring of 2019 is the e-tron, a purely electric car. Its prices start at $74,800.

Additionally, there are nine new coupes and convertibles. The A3 Cabriolet, one of Audi's sporty convertibles, starts at $38,900. The A5 Cabriolet is more spacious than the A3 and starts at $51,200. Then, there is the S5 Cabriolet which offers more horsepower than the A5 with prices starting at just $65,100. The A5 Coupe starts at $44,200, with its high-performance counterpart, the S5 Coupe, starting at $52,400. If you are looking for an even more powerful version, the RS 5 Coupe starts at $74,200. The sleek, sporty TT Coupe starts at $44,900. The TTS Coupe offers more horsepower than the TT Coupe and starts at $53,800. The TT Roadster is the convertible version of the TT coupe starts at $48,400.

If you find yourself desiring even more, each of these luxurious, stylish vehicles come with the option of added features, should you choose. With such a large variety of vehicles, there is sure to be something for everyone. Treat yourself to a test drive today at your local Audi dealership and experience the luxury, style, and power of an Audi for yourself.